Saturday, October 2, 2010


  1. a state of equilibrium ,a scale for weighing; depends on pull of gravity
    2.    harmonious arrangement or relation of parts or elements within a whole (as in a design);

    3.    equality of distribution

I love definition two!  As uniquely designed beings balance looks different for all of us.  For instance, I don't work 8+ hours of hard labor everyday as my husband does.  I'm busy but not like his busy.  I have to watch what I eat even when I'm exercising very regularly,  I keep my portion size down work hard to make good choices and generally don't feel so hot if i over indulge.  Hubby however can come home have a big dinner and then continue to snack until he goes to bed and his weight never changes.
Balance looks different for both of us.  I have found this to be the case in almost every area of our life.  I think we need to embrace this.  We shouldn't polarize because of these differences but rejoice in them. Acknowledgement of this should give us the freedom to just be who we are designed to be.  As humans I don't believe balance is to be perfect, but  it is simply to recognize when things become unequally distributed, and then to take the action necessary to correct it.
Unfortunately that's the hard part.  The correction.  Don't you wish there was a magic equation?

  1. a perceptual structure
  2. a customary way of operation or behavior
  3. a decorative or artistic work
  4. something regarded as a normative example
A customary way of operation or behavior.
There isn't a magic equation but there are indicators.  The problem is we generally choose to ignore them.  To find balance we need to be willing to look at our customary ways of operations or behaviors and establish which areas are working and which ones are not.  Pattern changing requires single minded determination,  it is not easy but it is a necessary step on the road to wholeness.
I suggest that you choose one little pattern and one big pattern of behavior that you know you need to change, write them down, choose to look at them and the negative connotations they have in your life, be aware and step by step do it different.
When the problem is 10 extra lbs this year and you can easily point to the habit you picked up last summer of a bowl of ice cream every night, making a commitment to knock it down to a bowl one night a week isn't really so hard.  When the problem is a long time addiction or bottled up anger or ???? fill in the blank it's not so easy, sometimes the first step is asking for or seeking help.  If this is where your at I encourage you to check out my other blog and see where my help comes from and then take the necessary steps to seek out your help.

Ok, I got a little long winded  and serious here today,  but I feel very strongly that this is an important aspect of wholeness.


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