Friday, October 1, 2010

What Stops You?

Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.
                                                                     William James

As I'm sitting here thinking about what direction I want to go first in this new blog of mine,I realized that we all have different things that hold us back that keep us from our dreams.

This is all new to me and not so very comfortable.I know my grammar stinks and thank goodness for spell check.I am not eloquent nor am I a computer why am i doing this???

I have struggled with weight and struggled with things that stop me,things like fear and discouragement,boredom and self esteem.I am learning to balance areas of my life now and have a passion to walk through these and other issues with people who are struggling as well.Today I would love to hear specifically what stops you in regard to physical fitness,go to the fitness page and fill me in.This will help me in my postings on fitness.
Thanks, Neva
One of my favorite ways to encourage people to move towards Balance is to suggest that today you pick one long term pattern{Could be 3 cups of coffee every morning,or being 2 minutes late everyday,maybe its to much t.v.(cant miss Oprah its her last the possibilities go on and on} and change it!
It doesn't have to be big but it can be.Ok so here's mine....things got so crazy before and during the move to Kansas that we(Hubby) and i were falling in to bed exhausted most nights and somewhere along the way we stopped saying i love you before we fell asleep,suddenly we just don't say it any more.On the way out the door in the morning we say it,but at bed time it's been axed.I am not really loving that new pattern so tonight I'm doing it different.

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